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Written by Philip Light

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently unavailable for any work.  If all goes well I may resume operations in the fall of 2016.  ~ Phil 


Light Scale Models can professionally paint your brass models!  Whether it was painted poorly, or never painted at all, we can help.  Models are stripped by media blasting or dipped to remove old paint, grease and oil then disassembled piece by piece.  Each sub-assembly is then painted and baked to ensure proper paint adhesion (except drivers and drive gear).  We can provide a shiny factory fresh look or make it look like the engine has had a long hard life on the road.  

Painting a brass locomotive is a time consuming process and the steps involved depend on several factors.  Previously painted models require additional work in removing the paint carefully prior to preparing the model for new paint.  Because each model is different, and must be completely disassembled, there is considerable time involved in break down procedure.  In addtion, a lot of vintage brass models were assembled with questionable methods.  I've encountered models with parts that were held on with glue and many models either have excess solder or not enough solder holding on detail parts.  During the disassembly process, each part is inspected to ensure they are properly attached.  

Each model is inspected and tuned for proper running.  The axles, gears, hornblocks and running gear is fully cleaned to remove old grease, oil and contaminents like pet hair.  Occasionally a model is encountered that can't be fixed.  I have encountered models with the hornblock "slots" cut to improper dimensions.  This means the frame is bad and there is no easy fix.  New frames can be fabricated with CNC machining or photo etching where appropriate if you're really set on keeping the model.  In addtion to proper service, new gearboxes and motors can be installed as part of the painting process.

Due to the virtually unlimited number of variables in brass models, price will vary drastically from one model to the next.  If you would like to have your model painted, tuned, serviced or upgraded, please take a few photos of the model and use the contact form to get a quote on the work. 

See some of the examples below.


EBT 14 before


EBT 14 after


Below are several photos of painted/weathered models.  MDC shays were built, painted and weathered.  The K-27 as shown above was stripped and repainted/weathered.  More photos coming soon!

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